World Schools Tourism Vision: 2020



World Schools Tourism Vision: 2020


Tourism is Barbados main source of income and young people, especially Secondary Schoolchildren, have to be encouraged at an early age to be part of and most importantly, promoting and assisting with the development of this industry. They have therefore, to focus on Green sustainable ‘jobs’ and enhancing technology to makethem ‘work’ for the benefit of Barbados’ economy and their future development/careers.


Aim and Objectives


The proposed World Schools Tourism website:


  • Will be created and developed to showcase the schoolchildren of Barbados Artistic skills.
  • It will be a unique and innovative site, one that would showcase to the World’…What, Who and Why Barbados is the HOME of Community Tourism Education© (regionally and globally).
  • Creating and developing  Community Tourism sustainable ‘jobs’ for young people, 18-30, through the Home-to-work Opportunities Made Easy Programme, usage of the Internet for Home-Epreneurs:  Click here:;
  • Introduce a New and innovative Community Tourism Idea: Mobile Marketing, to enable young people to advertise their products on mobile devices;
  • Allow schoolchildren to market, advertise and promote their island through the use of Technology to their ‘peers’ worldwide; as a safe, friendly place to visit and enjoy, Educational, Sports, Heritage, Health, and Cultural Tours, titled, “12 Magical Wonders of Barbados”, anytime of the year, and most importantly,
  • Let their friends know that it’s their Artistic and Ecommerce website, that their have assist with its development to ensure, that anyone could show their Mummy how ‘Easy’ it is,  as…2-4-6 to Book-Online and visit Barbados, Home of World Schools Tourism


The First World Schools Tourism ‘Net*Workshop’, has been recommended by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Barbados to be initially, ‘A Pilot Project’. It will be held in Barbados, 24 June to 24 July, 2013. Schoolchildren, teachers and parents from the UK, USA,and the Caribbeanare invited to participate in this Net*Workshop, Code Name: “HOME 246 Community Tourism Makeover”, (regional and global) to assist with the development of the Project.


It is the first event of such in the region, from my research, also in the World. It is hoped, therefore, that students, teachers, and professionals in the region would take this opportunity to offer their services or showcase their services and/or products to the future ‘World travellers’.


The Creator, and Coordinator, Trevor Batson, started developing about two years ago a programme called ‘Home-to-work’ and during that period, he has been doing his homework, and ‘Home-to-work Opportunities Made Easycame alive, on Wednesday 12-12-2012, as he was delivering a ‘Brief’ on the Aim and Objectives of the Secondary Schools Artistic Competition: “12 Magical Wonders of BIM, Barbados Is Magic”, at his Alma mater Combermere; with the kind permission of Mr. Vere Parris, the Principal.



“I emphasized that the majority of the artistic work required for the World Schools Tourismwebsite, has to be done at home, through research andplanning to deliver a great home-based artistic job”.

To ensure that they understood what was needed, my task was to make it easy as 2-4-6. “I explained to them that Tourism is Barbados’ main source of income, and to keep Barbados’ economic working for them when they leave school, they have to help Barbados earn foreign reserves. Therefore, it’s a WIN, WIN situation. You help Barbados and Barbados wills continually helping you and your parents with your Free Secondary School Education and Free Bus Fares to enable you get education as a life-long skill”.


The Artwork produced by the Winners of the Barbados Secondary Schools Competition will be used to design and assist with the contents for the World Schools Tourism Website.It will thereafter, be used as a Networking tool, by schoolchildren; to humanise the World Schools Tourism through TACT: T-tourism A-artistic C-creativityusing T-technology  The Website Online Travel-Store will be therefore selling  “Limited Edition Memorabilia of this Historic Event”.


This NEW Community Tourism “JOBS MAKEOVER 2013” will be developed to train some of Barbados’ 2013 school leavers as Home-Epreneurs, through the Home-to-work Opportunities Made Easy246 Programme:; as potential Tour Guides, Community Tourism Event Planners, Screen Printers, Designers of various Hand-Made Genuine Bimcrafts©, Souvenirs, Bloggers, E-mail Marketers, Layout Artist, Fine Artistic Cuisine…’the Sky the Limit’, using their created Artwork.

Second BLOG: A little Child will lead you To a Place call “Home”; to find a home-based-job. It will also explain: Why the dates: 24-6 to 24-7, 2013, and Barbados is called BIM and Bimshire. Email: to get a copy sent direct to your Inbox.